Main Features

• The magnetic Z & L support is a special design for access control system.
• The type U support is specially designed for glass doors.
• Construction in firm and durable anodized aluminum.
• especial design, suitable with wooden door, metal, PVC or Glass.
• Best option for magnetic lock doors.
• Easy to install and convenient use
• Safe, confident and efficient. With its regulations you will be able to mount the lock door at any angle.

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Packaging Content

Packaging Z&L content:
• 1 x support Z & L until 280Kg.
• 1x accesories (washers, fixers and cosmetic termination).

Packaging U content:
• 1x U-bracket until 280Kg.
• 2x Internal subjection rubbers.
• 1x accesories (washers, fixers and cosmetic termination).


Technical Specifications

Lateral support  380kg  of pushing until get broken Opening mode 90 degrees
Color Sandblasting aluminium Material Anodized aluminium
Door type supported Wood, metal or PVC Magnetic type magnetic of 280 kg
Support  Z&L measures 

250mm * 48mm * 30mm

180mm * 53mm * 43mm x 2

Weigth: 0.68kg

Support U measures

180mm * 43mm * 28mm

Weigth: 0,32Kg

Guarantee 1 year Made in China