Surveillance has become an essential necessity of home and office infrastructures, today. CCTV are focused at domestic places, or environments which don’t demand a very high security system. IP Cameras are focused to the transmission of data over a computer network (LAN) or the internet; they offer better video resolution, digital storage, advanced control features and flexibility to add any additional cameras. Unlike CCTV camera, IP cameras have their own memory to store data and can be powered by POE (power over Ethernet) adapter.

  • Easy to setup Remote Viewing.
  • Motion Alarms. 
  • Two-way Audio.
  • Multi-user
  • Form-Factor
  • Storage memory. 
  • Night-Vision. 


With Olex IPcapture the image with the best resolution and transmit them over the network. Just like any other network peripheral like printer or scanner, you can add IP camera to the existing network infrastructure. If you intend to use a single camera you can directly access it over the internet since it already has the required software and memory to operate as an independent unit.