Main Features

• ProxCard II estándar of 26 bits, more than 137 millions of post codes.
• ProxCard Plus more than 36 millones of post codes.
• Working 125KHZ frequency with EM4100 o HID systems
• waterproof and fireproof resin encapsulated with ultrasonic welding that ensures the product of any type of failure.
• The pure copper wire coil, provides frequency stability, ensures that the card is read from a distance, even in harmful atmospheres and with electromagnetic pollution.
• All OLEX card are 100% approved, they guarantee proper functioning in all of our products, Guaranteeing operation in all our products.
• All access and attendance controls compatible 
• Colors available: red, blue, yellow. orange, gray, dark Green, light green, pink, white and black (Consult available colors in you locatation)
• Different fabrication type: keychain, card, latex band.
• ISO 11784 / 11785 Standard compliant certifications.

Download Spec Here


Lecture Coverage

• Tarjeta ProxCard® II:                                       until 7,5 cm of distance
•Tarjeta ISOProx® II:                                          until 6,25 cm of distance
•Tarjeta DuoProx® II:                                          until 6,25 cm of distance
• Llave de seguridad ProxKey™ II:                     until 3,7 cm of distance
•Tarjeta ProxCard Plus™:                                   until 2 cm of distance
•Tarjeta SmartProx™:                                         until 3,7 cm of distance


Technical Specifications

Frequency 125KH Pre-programmed ID number YES
Re-recordable NO Type of programing 512 bit EEPROM organizados en 16 palabras de 32 bit
UID Unique 32 bits identifier Protection   32 bit Contraseña de escritura y protección de grabación
Data retention time EEPROM 10 yers Standard type 

EM TK4100 compatible
ProxCard Plus o HID ProxCard II

MIFARE compatible NO Storaged info 64Bits
Material Material       ABS keychain, PCV Card, Silicone brazalet Colores Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/Gray
Working teperature -20° - +60° Quantity of ards per box  100xRFID (Splitted into 25 units packs
Quantity of keychains per box  100xRFI Lecture distance 0-10cm (look at attached info)
Keychain size 35mm * 28mm * 6 mm Weigth 4 g Unit
Card EM o HID Size  85mm * 54mm * 0.9mm Weigth 60g Unit
Brazalet size  65mm Made in China