Main Features

• Proximity switch to the door with control LED.
• 5 millions times of quality functioning test.
• Fácil de operar y usar.
• Funciona con la mayoría de los teclados electrónicos de control de acceso, teléfonos de puerta y teclados de control de acceso.
• Touch exit switch with Wall assembly.
• Compatible with the majority of electronic access controls.
• Widely used in the access control system.

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Package content

• 1 x exit button 
• 2 x Fixers


Voltaje 12VDC/2000mA Control diode NO
Resting consumption 0 mA Current relay  NO
Status LED NO Lecture frequency NO
Protocol NO Useful life 5,000,000 clicks
Dry contact output  NO / COM Button color White
Chassis color Black and white Material  Fireproof resin
Lecture distance Touch Internal tamper NO
Anti-static YES, Test en 15KVolt   Protection IP66
Size 86mm×86mm×20mm Weigth 0.055kg
Working temperature 10%~90%RH Working humidity 10%~90%RH
Guarantee 1 year Made in China